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What is the best kite for Big Air Kitesurfing?


The improvements in this discipline of kiting have advanced significantly in the last year. Brands are releasing new materials, models, and riders are unlocking new tricks on a daily basis. 


Giel Vlugt changed the game with the double kiteloops and the podium of the Redbull King of the Air was dominated by the new age of kiteboarding. 


Many kiters are wondering, “what is the best kite?” Therefore, we have reviewed all the Big Air kites that are currently available on the market and compiled a clear top 10 list for you. We wanted to figure out which kite is best for high jumping? Which kite provides infinite hang time and also loops well? 


We have created a clear overview for you so that you can purchase the best equipment, break new (personal) records, and enjoy your kitesurfing to the fullest. We have reviewed these kites based on performance, not price, so you can decide which Big Air kite gives you the most for your money. View our top 10 Big Air kites here:

Best Big Air kites 2023
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1 Duotone – Evo D/Lab

Duotone – Evo D/Lab

Introducing the revolutionary Evo D/LAB kite - a game-changing upgrade to our best-selling model that delivers unmatched performance and durability. With the new Aluula frame construction, this kite is built to withstand the toughest conditions ...
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2 North – Orbit

North – Orbit

Experience the ultimate thrill of overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions with our iconic premier 5-strut kite, the Orbit. This kite delivers unparalleled top-end control, allowing you to hold down more power per square meter than any ...
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3 Duotone – Rebel SLS

Duotone – Rebel SLS

Introducing the new and improved Rebel SLS, the ultimate kiteboard for freeriders seeking big air and high performance. With its Penta TX frame and Trinity TX materials, this kiteboard will redefine your expectations of what's possible. The updated ...
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4 Core – XR7

Core – XR7

Experience the ultimate thrill of flight with the XR7 kite from the Universal Series. Our R&D team has worked tirelessly for six years to upgrade the signature canopy material to CoreTex 2.0, which boasts significantly improved tear resistance, ...
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5 Airush – Lift

Airush – Lift

The Airush Lift V3 is all about taking boosting, hangtime, and performance freeriding to a new level. Its ease of use, combined with incredible top performance, makes the Lift the ultimate big air machine. Its control, stability, wind range, ...
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6 Ocean Rodeo – Risa A

Ocean Rodeo – Risa A

The Rise kite, developed in collaboration with ALUULA Composites, is a game-changer in the world of kiteboarding. With its high aspect ratio and 5-strut design, it offers unparalleled acceleration, precise control, and incredible torque for ...
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7 Cabrinha – Nitro

Cabrinha – Nitro

The Cabrinha Nitro 2023 kite is a new addition to Cabrinha's lineup this year. With the big air scene exploding in popularity over the past few years, competitions like the Big Air Kite League, King of the Air, and the Cold Hawaii Games have made ...
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8 Ozone – Edge V11

Ozone – Edge V11

The Ozone Edge V11 kite is a true icon, offering breathtaking free ride and big air experiences with its speed, power, and performance. This eleventh version of the Edge takes the legendary Ozone feeling to the next level with our new rip-stop ...
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9 Eleveight – XS

Eleveight – XS

The XS is the ultimate weapon for Big Air enthusiasts, pushing the limits for height and hang time. With Version 4, Eleveight has made continuous developments to create a faster and more precise kite, allowing you to boost even higher. The XS is ...
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10 Slingshot – Machine V2

Slingshot – Machine V2

The Slingshot Machine V2 2023 Kite is designed by Slingshot to provide riders of all levels with effortless boosting capabilities and that extra bit of help when trying to break their personal records. The Slingshot Machine V2 effortlessly flies ...
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Which kite jumps the highest?

Isn’t this what it’s all about? Who jumps the highest? Who doesn’t dream of breaking the WOO or Surfr world record for the highest kitesurf jump, currently held by the 17-year-old Jamie Overbeek? 

A fun fact is that he holds the record for the second-highest jump as well. Both jumps were ridden with an Ozone Edge, but why isn’t that kite on the top of our list? The reason is that Jamie is an unbelievable talent who would probably break this record with any brand or kite.

The kites that are currently scoring the highest for jumping high are definitely the Core XR7, North Orbit, Airush Lift, Duotone Rebel SLS, Duotone Evo D/LAB and of course, Cabrinha Nitro, Eleveight XS and the Ozone Edge V11. 

These kites feature five struts, providing them with a very stable basis and enabling them to go higher than three-strut kites. 

Maarten Haeger jumped 34.8 meters with the Core XR7, placing it second on the list of highest jumps ever recorded. In fact, five of the top 10 highest jumps were made with the Core XR7, demonstrating its impressive capabilities. 

We think that this kite is indeed the highest jumping kite on the market, and with the upcoming release of the XR8, it will likely break all current records. But Since it’s not so fast in looping, we don’t rank it at the top of our best Big air kites selection.

On the Surfr app, the highest jump recorded is with the latest Rebel SLS, and the second and third highest jumps are made with the Evo D/LAB, immediately in the month when the new kite came out. 

The Ozone Edge is also in the top 10 on this app three times. In our opinion, the XR7 jumps the highest, followed by the Ozone Edge in second place. The Evo D/LAB and Rebel SLS share third place. Although the North Orbit has a lot of fans and helped Marc Jacobs win KOTA 2021, it just falls slightly short of the highest jumping podium spot. 

The Airush Lift V3 is probably the cheapest A-brand kite that can still jump incredibly high.

What is the best Big Air Kite of 2023

The best Kite for Big Air in 2023 is the Duotone D/LAB. This kite is made from the new Aluula material which is much lighter than anything else on the market and stiffer as well, which gives this three strut kite the stable frame off an 5 strut kite. But keeps the speed of the three strut kite for loops. 

So it boosts like crazy and is faster than any kite around. Which makes the double loops and S loops much more easy to do than with a heavier and at the same time slower kite.

An extra advantage is that the lightness of the material makes sure that you can ride it with a much brother wind range. Where most people just to have three kites in their quiver to be ready for each and every wind condition.

This kite does allow you the same options with only two sizes. This might make the higher purchase price a smaller problem that it looks in the first case.

Which Big Air Kite loops the best?

When watching the Redbull King of the Air, you can see how important kiteloops are in Big Air. To our opinion, they are even more important than just jumping high. 

It’s the combination of both that really impresses the judges. Every year, the kites get lighter and faster, and with the new younger riders joining the competitive field, triple loops might just be a matter of time. 

The judges score double loops very high, and when you see a pro rider do a double loop, it might make you think that you’re ready to do at least one loop, potentially with a trick combined. It’s helpful if the kite is super quick and catches you really well, and the D/LAB is the best kite for this purpose. 

However, the North Orbit, Duotone Rebel SLS, Ocean Rode Rise, and Airush Lift V3 are extremely good in this regard as well. The other kites seem a bit slower to us, but they might jump you a bit higher, so be careful what you wish for ;).

The best valued Big Air Kite

To be honest, all Big Air kites are great in 2023, and you can’t go wrong with any of them if you have the skills to jump high. However, if you’re looking for the best value for your money, we recommend comparing the Duotone EVO D/LAB and the North Orbit 2023. 

While there’s a price difference of around 1000 euros, it’s still less than the nearly 30% price tag. So, if you want an amazing kite that’s a bit more affordable, we recommend these kites. Additionally, the Airush Lift V3 is another great option that comes at an even lower price point. We can’t look into your pockets, but we’re sure you’ll love any of these kites!
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