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What is the best Wave kite for Kiteboarding

Wave kiteboarding, also known as wave kitesurfing or kite wave riding, is a style of kitesurfing most people go all in to. The wave kites are different than the other models, since they are stronger and need to be able to drift more. 


An easy and quick Re-launch is very important. This all is extra important since you’ll crash your kite and wave will crash over it. That’s why wave kites are stronger build, the stand those hard conditions.



Below you’ll find the best kites for wave riding.

Best Beginner kites 2023
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1 Duotone – Neo D/Lab

Duotone – Neo D/Lab

Introducing the Neo D/LAB, the ultimate high-performance kite technology designed to revolutionize the world of wave riding. Built with the latest Aluula fabric and Hybrid Flex Strut, this kite offers an unparalleled weight-saving of up to 30%, ...
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2 Core – Section4

Core – Section4

The Core Section 4 Kite is a kite designed purely for strapless riding. This Wave Warrior won't keep you busy with its handling, allowing you to fully enjoy the waves. Its amazing drifting capabilities and narrow loops at high speed ensure that you ...
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3 Ozone – REO V6

Ozone – REO V6

The Ozone Reo V6 kite is an iconic model in the world of kitesurfing, designed for uncompromising wave riding and renowned for delivering excellent performance and feel. The unique flying characteristics and versatile performance of the Ozone Reo V6 ...
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4 Airush – Session

Airush – Session

Specifically designed for kite surfing in waves and strapless freestyle, the Airush Session kite has the ability to turn its power on and off at your command. The new Airush Session kite is ideal for both freeride and wave riding, with excellent ...
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5 North – Carve

North – Carve

The Carve kite is an exceptional option for wave riding, barrel tucking, and strapless tricks, thanks to its reactive and controllable design. Its lower aspect ratio provides fast pivot turns and excellent drift, with a direct feel in both steering ...
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6 Ocean Rodeo – Crave

Ocean Rodeo – Crave

The Crave, Ocean Rodeo's acclaimed kite, has undergone an exciting transformation for 2022, with a range of sizes now available, including the new 5m option. This versatile, three-strut design kite has been thoughtfully refined to deliver smooth ...
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7 Cabrinha – Drifter

Cabrinha – Drifter

The Cabrinha Drifter 2023 kite has proven itself to be the world's most iconic surf kite in recent years. It is the ultimate wave kite on the market and the favorite of amazing riders like the legend Keahi De Aboitiz, who can handle the Drifter with ...
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8 Slingshot – SST V7

Slingshot – SST V7

The Slingshot SST V7 continues to push the standards of kite surfing. The SST V7 pays tribute to its predecessor but comes back faster and lighter! The SST V7 is Slingshot's wave kite. The industry's only real Ben Wilson, Icon and Pioneer challenged ...
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Which is the best Wave kite?

We firmly believe that the Duotone NEO D/lab distinguishes itself as the paramount choice for wave riders searching for the finest kite available on the market today.


This kite’s remarkably lightweight build, an attribute that in no way compromises its robust nature, has been crafted from the most resilient material. This feature ensures that, should the kite find itself in a crash, you can rapidly and effectively relaunch it back into the skies.


One of the kite’s most striking features is its extraordinary drifting capability. The featherlight construction of the kite, a key aspect of its design, ensures that it can remain aloft for an extended period. This is true even when the tension in the line becomes momentarily nonexistent. This ability to remain airborne for extended periods while maintaining control makes the Duotone NEO D/lab an absolute joy to handle.


Furthermore, this kite benefits from the use of Aluula, a material renowned for its strength and resilience. When compared to other commonly used materials in kite construction, Aluula holds the upper hand. Its superior strength reduces the likelihood of breakage, even under the most demanding conditions. This results in a kite that not only performs exceptionally well but is also remarkably durable. In essence, the Duotone NEO D/lab offers wave riders an unmatched combination of performance, reliability, and control.

Second best Wave kite

In our test the second best kite was the Core Section 4. It scores very well on all the above features, but is slightly heavier than the Neo. But with the lower price in mind still an amazing good option.

What is the most important for an Wave kite?

If you are looking for a new or an used wave kite. Make sure to really buy a kites which is designed for wave riding. So it’s strong enough the survive waves, because the other kites will be ripped apart after a few big waves!

The best valued Wave kites

Besides the famous brands, there are also a few smaller brands who make good kites, which are perfect to start with. Especially when you don’t want to spend all your savings or don’t like to buy second hand gear, you’ll love those brands! 

Fluid, Ventum, Harlem are all brands that focus on cheap kites. They save money on smaller teams, marketing budget, R&D but still use the same factories as the big guys. But also even provide you with good service. We would definitly recommand you to get started on some of those kites if you don’t want to get started on the second hand market.

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