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The Cabrinha Nitro 2023 kite is a new addition to Cabrinha’s lineup this year. With the big air scene exploding in popularity over the past few years, competitions like the Big Air Kite League, King of the Air, and the Cold Hawaii Games have made big air the future of kitesurfing and the preferred choice for many riders. To keep their team riders at the top and provide the best big air kite for today’s big air rider, Cabrinha designed the Nitro 2023. The Cabrinha Nitro 2023 is a 5 strut high aspect kite with an open profile that provides plenty of hangtime during boosts. Its large wind range and stable frame ensure maximum performance in all conditions, even in rough and gusty conditions. The kite is also excellent for kiteloops, providing a gradual pull that makes it easy to perform the latest big air tricks. The Nitro 2023 is a proven high-performance big air kite, favored by riders like 2022 king of the air champion Lorenzo Casati, SpaceX astronaut Stijn Mul, and shortline wizard Camdyn Kallett. Its endless hangtime and massive boost make it an exciting choice for any rider looking to push their limits. While it may look similar to the Switchblade, the Nitro 2023 has been constructed with a completely new design to achieve the highest possible performance. Cabrinha uses three different material blends in the struts and leading edge with unique properties, and the kite is designed with the Apex frame for maximum performance. The leading edge is made of the brand-new Ultra HT material, which reduces the total weight of the kite while increasing overall response. The bladders have been replaced with Ultralite bladders to reduce weight and provide a more direct feel. The kite’s patented coating process enhances its durability and performance, while the Nano Ripstop fabric makes it more responsive and stable. The bridle has less stretch, providing a more direct feel, and the EVA trailing edge battens prevent the fabric from flapping and promote kite durability. Durable TPU bumpers have also been added around the leading edge to protect against hard crashes. In summary, the Cabrinha Nitro 2023 is an excellent choice for any big air rider looking for a high-performance kite that delivers maximum hangtime, stability, and response.

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