Duotone – Rebel SLS

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Introducing the new and improved Rebel SLS, the ultimate kiteboard for freeriders seeking big air and high performance. With its Penta TX frame and Trinity TX materials, this kiteboard will redefine your expectations of what’s possible. The updated design and Flex Struts make it incredibly dynamic and the low weight supercharges its handling, allowing you to develop even more power in light winds. As the wind increases, the jumps get bigger, and the take-off becomes even more impressive. The acceleration into the air after you release the edge will have you pulling more G’s than Yuri Gagarin, and the hangtime will leave you breathless. But the Rebel SLS is not just about performance, it’s also highly customizable to suit your individual riding style. With several tuning options available, you can adjust the bar pressure and turning speed to your liking. Plus, you have the option to ride in the four or five-line configuration, with the fifth line available as an accessory. The new materials, lighter weight, and dynamic handling combine to create an exhilarating ride that will have you feeling the power and performance at your fingertips. If you’re ready to push your freeriding and boosting to new heights, then the Rebel SLS is the kiteboard for you. So load up the edge of the board and get ready to send it to the moon!

Specification: Duotone – Rebel SLS

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