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The XS is the ultimate weapon for Big Air enthusiasts, pushing the limits for height and hang time. With Version 4, Eleveight has made continuous developments to create a faster and more precise kite, allowing you to boost even higher. The XS is designed specifically for adrenaline junkies who demand the raw power required to pull off extreme radical moves. The sophisticated delta hybrid design boasts a high aspect ratio, providing an increased angle of attack that balances power with ease of handling. The XS’s explosive lift is matched with bombproof construction, ensuring that you can hit full send without any worries. For V4, Eleveight has optimized the load distribution to enhance stability and endurance, even over time. The flattened arc enhances efficiency and hang time, making the XS intuitive to steer and incredibly responsive. Direct turning and bar feedback enable perfect timing, giving you the momentum to rocket to the moon. The five-strut frame is light, yet delivers stability in all situations, withstanding the extreme forces of radical big air. Surprisingly versatile, the XS can also handle freestyle and waves with ease. Eleveight put a lot of work into the XS’s aerodynamics to create the perfect sweep in the wingtips, as well as the optimum canopy curve. Even in less favorable conditions, the XS has fantastic low-end performance that will assist progressing riders and aid upwind travel to get you back in the zone fast. Designed with continuous feedback from riders worldwide, whether chasing storms or breaking records at their home spot, the XS will catapult you with such forward momentum to generate powerful megaloops, as well as extended hang time for old-school tricks.

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