Slingshot – Machine V2

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The Slingshot Machine V2 2023 Kite is designed by Slingshot to provide riders of all levels with effortless boosting capabilities and that extra bit of help when trying to break their personal records. The Slingshot Machine V2 effortlessly flies upwind, steers quickly, is easy to relaunch, and allows you to fully commit to the big air scene! So what do you change in a kite that already performs great? At Slingshot, they are constantly testing new materials. For the Slingshot Machine V2, they used a new type of Dacron that is not only significantly lighter than the old Dacron, but also much stiffer. This new Dacron material combined with the 5 struts ensures that the kite maintains its profile well in strong winds. So regardless of the conditions, the Slingshot Machine V2 will remain super stable and give you all the confidence to make the most out of your session. The Machine is a kite with a hybrid Open-C canopy that brings hangtime and easy boosts. The kite’s fabric is made with 4X4 canopy tech. This fabric is made of Teijn 4X4 reinforced ripstop nylon, which is one of the strongest, stiffest, and most durable canopies on the market. In addition, the number of canopy panels used in the kite has been drastically reduced to significantly reduce weight for a more aerodynamic profile. The Slingshot Machine V2 2023 features a “Streamlined Pulley-less Bridle System”. The bridles no longer have pulleys, making the kite feel much more direct. Slingshot uses extremely thin static lines, reducing drag for the rider. The kite has various attachment points, allowing riders to fine-tune the power and handling of the kite to fully customize it to their riding style.

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