Slingshot – SST V7

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The Slingshot SST V7 continues to push the standards of kite surfing. The SST V7 pays tribute to its predecessor but comes back faster and lighter! The SST V7 is Slingshot’s wave kite. The industry’s only real Ben Wilson, Icon and Pioneer challenged the Slingshot design team to focus on speed and drift. Slingshot continued to develop with the existing V6 design in mind. This has resulted in lightning-fast response and precise turning. Everything you need to catch waves and turn quickly. The SST V7 is a 3-strut kite with micro struts, meaning the kite’s struts have a smaller diameter, making the SST V7 Slingshot’s thinnest and lightest struts ever. On the one hand, the micro struts provide a strong structure, while on the other hand, they keep the weight and drag of the kite low. This results in quick drift and high responsiveness. The SST V7 is lighter than the V6 because the leading edge and struts are made of a new type of Dacron. Additionally, the bridles no longer have pulleys and are extra thin, resulting in less drag. The SST V7 has wingtips with an extra curve, also known as “Rapid Responsive Wingtips.” This design, combined with the bridle technology and lighter material, provides super-fast responsiveness, high speed, and easy relaunch. In addition to wave kiting, the SST V7 is also very suitable for foilers and beginning kiters. The kite has quick relaunch and plenty of depower when needed.

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