Duotone – Neo D/Lab

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Introducing the Neo D/LAB, the ultimate high-performance kite technology designed to revolutionize the world of wave riding. Built with the latest Aluula fabric and Hybrid Flex Strut, this kite offers an unparalleled weight-saving of up to 30%, resulting in unmatched responsiveness and control. The Neo D/LAB’s Trinity TX material and top-of-the-line construction make it both lightweight and incredibly durable, allowing you to take on the toughest wave conditions with ease. The Neo D/LAB’s performance is simply phenomenal and must be experienced to be believed. As one of the best performing wave kites on the market, the D/LAB version takes it to a whole new level. With unsurpassed low-end range and abundant high-end control, this kite is an extension of your body on the wave, providing dynamic and responsive turns that feel intuitive. When the wind goes offshore, the Neo D/LAB’s drifting capabilities are second to none, allowing you to hang in the air for what seems like forever. With strapless settings and extra airtime, you’ll have the freedom to try out the latest jumps and spins with ease. The Neo D/LAB is a significant leap forward in terms of performance, making it the perfect choice for wave riders who demand the best. Don’t wait, get your hands on a quiver before they sell out and experience the Neo D/LAB’s cutting-edge technology for yourself.

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