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The Core Section 4 Kite is a kite designed purely for strapless riding. This Wave Warrior won’t keep you busy with its handling, allowing you to fully enjoy the waves. Its amazing drifting capabilities and narrow loops at high speed ensure that you can have a great session in messy onshore conditions. The super effective depower allows you to chase the swells in side-off conditions. Get the Core Section 4 to have a highly precise wave kite – with a super fresh and clear design! The Core Section has always been the wave powerhouse at Core Kiteboarding, and that hasn’t changed in the 4th edition. Core gave the Section 4 a refined shape and new materials to make the kite even more dynamic and faster than before. The Section 4 Wave Kite comes with the new CoreTex 2 canopy. Core has been actively developing this material over the years and first introduced it with the XR7. CoreTex2 is more tear-resistant, durable, and longer-lasting thanks to a new coating. This new coating makes the material stronger, stiffer, and even saves some weight. This gives the Section 4 much more durability, allowing you to not worry about your kite. Also new to the Core Section 4 are the ExoTex Light Struts. This material was first used on the XLite, and ExoTex Light Struts have greatly improved the performance of the XR7. These struts are made of the special ExoTex material, which saves a lot of weight and provides a bit more flexibility. This all makes smoother and tighter turns possible on the new Section 4. Core has also refined the shape of the new Section Wave Kite. The tips are now finely tuned to create fewer turbulences and achieve more stability. Core also gave the kite a bit of color – we love the new design approach! The Section 4 Wave Kite has received several significant upgrades compared to the previous Section Kite. The new CoreTex 2 Canopy is by far the most important update, along with the ExoTex Light Struts. The new Section will be more direct, durable, and dynamic, and will be a true Wave Warrior in all conditions!

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