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The 2022 Mono kite is the ultimate choice for freeride and foil enthusiasts who seek a lightweight, dynamic, and powerful kite. Boasting a super-low aspect design, the Mono provides ample low-end power and is optimized for light wind conditions. You can expect longer sessions on the water thanks to the wide wind range. Unlike other one strut kites that suffer from flutter in strong winds, the Mono is crafted from the best materials available, with a unique canopy profile and wide chord depth to keep flutter at a minimum. The Mono’s reduced weight promises exhilarating performance in the air, while its excellent drift and hang in light winds, coupled with its low-aspect nature that almost eliminates back-stalling, make it ideal for beginners to the sport. The Mono is also highly responsive, making it a fantastic choice for more experienced kiters seeking impressive handling and fast bar response. Foilers, free-riders, and wave riders who experience light winds will find the Mono an indispensable weapon in their arsenal. Moreover, its lightweight construction makes it the perfect kite for travelers looking to keep weight to a minimum. The Mono’s easy-to-fly and forgiving nature make it suitable for kiting enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to experts. Furthermore, instant relaunch ensures you spend more time kiting and less time in the water. With continuous development, the 2022 Mono takes the one strut kite to a new level, making it the best option on the market.

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