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The CAPA is a revolutionary foil kite that combines the best of high-end racing foil kites and inflatables. Its unique design bridges the gap between the two by offering the benefits of a foil kite in light winds, without the difficult launching and landing that traditional foil kites require. This makes the CAPA the most user-friendly and performance-packed foil kite on the market, perfect for foilers and freeriders looking to increase their water time and improve their upwind angles. The sheet and go performance of the CAPA offers immense low-end power, while the cleverly designed profile provides a huge top-end range too. Despite its power, the kite has a light bar pressure, allowing riders to use it all day long without fatigue. The dynamic and reactive nature of the CAPA makes it feel more like an inflatable at the bar than a traditional foil kite. It delivers enormous amounts of lift, making tacks and gybes on the foil easy. For twin tip riders, the hangtime and float this kite offers are impressive, making jumping feel more like flying. The new air inlets ensure the kite inflates quickly, making it very stable in gusty and turbulent conditions. Relaunching is as easy as pulling on a steering line, just like with an LEI kite, and the new water release channels drain super fast if any water gets inside. The CAPA’s capabilities are endless, and its capacity knows no bounds. If you want to feel the force this summer, the CAPA should be in your quiver!

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