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For fans of the XLite, the V2 version maintains the platform’s incredibly crisp steering response with direct steering input at the bar, while also making the kite more user-friendly through weight reductions. The bar pressure and turning pressure remain comfortable, feeling light to medium on your hands. The XLite V2 also provides solid impulse feedback on the kite without feeling too heavy on your arms. The new bridle configuration with its shorter cascades and additional pulley enhances the XLite’s progressiveness and intuitiveness of power delivery across the bar’s throw. This feature helps maintain lift in the canopy even in the lightest wind conditions and allows riders to perform technical foiling maneuvers. The XLite’s aspect ratio is well-balanced, allowing it to feel fast and penetrate forward without sacrificing any of its drift or ability to fly comfortably in the middle of the window. The steering arc remains tight and pivotal, reacting quickly and responsively to steering input. Additionally, its single-strut airframe eliminates weight where possible, allowing the XLite to maneuver easily even when there is little tension in your lines. The XLite’s drift-ability is exceptional, providing impressive float that helps maintain line tension and allows you to glide on swells or carve up waves while the kite stays planted against the window. Overall, the XLite V2 offers a precise and casual feeling control that is perfect for both novice and advanced riders.

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