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The Airush Ultra is one of the most popular kites at the moment for use in minimal wind conditions. The kite has only one strut, making it extremely lightweight. This allows the Ultra to fly even in the slightest breeze. Once in the air, the kite feels familiar right away thanks to its unique blend of stability, power, and responsive drive. The 2023 Airush Ultra is the fourth version, further refined to offer you a delightful freeride sensation in light winds. New for this year is the improved canopy tension to make it even more responsive! The Airush Ultra has only one strut in the middle of the kite. This provides stability and allows the water to run off the kite after a crash. All unnecessary struts have been removed to save weight. Nevertheless, the Airush Ultra V4 still feels incredibly stable thanks to the Airush Load Frame. The Airush Load Frame with WebTech provides excellent durability without sacrificing weight. By expanding Airush’s exclusive load frame with WebTech into the areas normally covered by Dacron, the Airush Ultra becomes much lighter and stronger. As a result, the Airush Ultra V4 2023 is not only super lightweight but also survives a hefty crash. The Airush Ultra is equipped with the V3.2 Bridle. This allows the Ultra to continue to steer even after depowering, improving wind range and overall performance. The position of the bridle in conjunction with the V-pulleys provides light steering and a responsive feel. However, you always feel where the kite is, allowing you to focus on your session! The Airush Ultra is perfectly at home in the hands of foil kiters. The kite truly flies in minimal wind and stays super steady. If you love wave riding, the Ultra is also a fun choice. The Ultra’s light weight gives it excellent drifting properties. Especially in light winds, you can enjoy down the line surfing with the power of the wave and the Airush Ultra 2023 drifting along with you.

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