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The Airush One V2 2023 is Airush’s single-strut light wind kite for beginner twin-tip and hydrofoil kitesurfers. The One is designed to facilitate rapid progression in various disciplines. The V2 2023 version of the Airush One is lighter and has an even easier relaunch, allowing for more time on the water. Airush has over ten years of experience with single-strut kites, which has been applied to the design of the One. The main difference between the One and the Ultra is that the One can also be used on a twin-tip due to its slightly more robust and stiffer construction compared to the Ultra. The Ultra, with better low-end performance, is the better choice for hydrofoil kitesurfers. The Airush One V2 features a minimized V2.2 bridle system that supports the slightly larger leading edge to increase the stability and wind range of the kite. As a result, the One performs very well in gusty conditions. The bridle system is designed to always maintain tension during steering, providing a direct and responsive feel. The rounded wingtips of the Airush One allow for a super-fast relaunch, making it ideal for beginner kitesurfers. New this year is the D2 cloth of the Airush One V2 2023 kite. This cloth is lighter than the one used in the Airush One V1, improving its light wind performance and making it suitable for use in less wind. This means that you can take more sessions per year with foil and twin-tip and make progress even faster. The Airush One V2 is reinforced with “Airush bumpers” in vulnerable areas to ensure extra durability. Additionally, Airush has designed special safety handles on the wingtips to make self-rescue easier. As each kitesurfer is unique and has their own preferences regarding steering speed and bar pressure, these can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. The One’s wingtip has two attachment points for more or less bar pressure.

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