Reedin – Supermodel HTF

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Elevate your kiteboarding experience to new heights with the cutting-edge SuperModel V4 2023. The kite boasts a brand-new frame construction, coupled with advanced features such as the Hybrid Torsion Frame, CNC sewing, and Super Segmented Wingtip, providing unrivaled speed, agility, and responsiveness. Unleash the full potential of your kiteboarding skills with the ultimate all-in-one kite on the market, delivering exceptional stability, precision, and forgiveness in any weather condition. Its unique profile enables maximum glide and power for big jumps, while the Wingtip shape guarantees instantaneous response, swift turning, and explosive lift when executing jumps. With its innovative Hybrid Torsion Frame and FlexLite material, the SuperModel V4 2023 is highly sensitive to bar input and boasts a greater torsion throughout the kite, resulting in faster turns and improved finishing. Additionally, the Teijin high-density triple ripstop canopy and pure dyneema bridle lines make this kite a robust and durable choice for any rider. No matter what board you ride, whether it’s a twintip, waveboard, or foil, the SuperModel V4 2023 is the ultimate kite for you. So why wait? Upgrade your kiteboarding game today and discover the ultimate performance, versatility, and excitement with the SuperModel V4 2023.

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