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The Cabrinha Contra Aether 2023 Kite is the perfect kite for light wind freeriding on your twin-tip, foil, or surfboard. The Cabrinha Contra Aether 2023 is a single strut kite, which saves a lot of weight. The single strut design makes the kite light and gives it a fast, responsive, and playful character. The kite stays up even with the slightest breeze, so you can always use small sizes to maximize your foil sessions. The light control and amazing drift characteristics make it possible to do crazy tricks and experience the true foil feeling. Even when depowered, the Cabrinha Contra Aether 2023 steers very directly thanks to the constant tension on the rear steering line that increases the steering impulse. The Cabrinha Contra Aether 2023 also has good basic properties, such as easy relaunch. Thanks to the shape and light weight, the kite wants to relaunch by itself. You just have to pull on one steering line, and you’re ready to go again. In addition, the kite flies easily upwind, so you never have to do the so-called “walk of shame” again. Thanks to the optimal control of the power, the rider can fully focus on kiteboarding or foiling and enjoy their session to the fullest! For 2023, Cabrinha has designed three different frames. The Cabrinha Aether 2023 is designed with the Lite Frame, creating the lightest and most agile one-strut kite Cabrinha has ever created. The Lite Frame consists of a combination of HTD Lite Dacron and refined lightweight canopy design. The brand new lightweight frame increases the wind range and provides extra stiffness in the frame for an even more direct feeling with the kite. The durable Nano ripstop canopy fabric contributes to the overall strength, stability, and directness of the kite. The new Bi-direction Pure Profile Panels provide the smoothest and best 3D shape of the canopy to optimize the kite’s aerodynamics. The already strong leading edge is covered in crucial areas with durable TPU bumpers to absorb hard impacts and crashes so you can enjoy your kite for as long as possible. The bridles have been upgraded this year with a static bridle with lower stretch for an even more direct feeling.

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